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Ramazei DiOraysa: Hints in the Torah Volume 1 Issue 5

רמזי דאורייתא
Ramazei DiOraysa: Hints in the Torah
Volume 1 Issue 5

This year the Jewish People will be reciting the special blessing over the position of the sun returning to the state that it was positioned in at the time of creation. This cycle occurs every twenty-eight years. It is noteworthy that the Baal HaTurim (Bereishis 1:1) writes that in the first verse of Bereishis there are seven words that contain twenty-eight letters. In the first verse of the Ten Commandments there are seven words which contains seven letters. Additionally, in the recitation of Kaddish we praise HaShem with the words yehei Shemei rabbah which has seven words which contain twenty-eight letters. This, teaches us, writes the Baal HaTurim, that one who recites yehei Shemei rabbah with all his might becomes a partner in creation and is akin to one who accepted the Torah at Sinai. It is noteworthy that the verse of Bereishis contains twenty-eight letters and this corresponds to the fact that every twenty-eight years the sun returns to the same position that it was in at creation. What is even more fascinating is that Yehoshua stopped the sun, and Yehoshua ruled over the Jewish People for twenty-eight years (Baal HaTurim Bamidbar 27:16). Furthermore, it is said (Bereishis 23:1) vayihyu chaye Sarah, Sarah’s lifetime was, and the word chaye equals 28 in gematria. The Medrash (Bereishis Rabbah 58:2) expounds on the verse (Koheles 1:5) that states vizarach hashemesh uva hashemesh, and the sun rises and the sun sets, to be referring to Sarah and Yehoshua. Additionally, the letter yud was taken from the name Sarah and placed in the name Yehoshua. Thus, we see a strong connection between the sun and the number twenty-eight.

The Kli Yakar points out that the Torah mentions numerous times in this week’s parashah the word gemalim, camels, and this alludes to the idea that Rivka performed an act of kindness with Eliezer and his camels. It is noteworthy that the word gamal is in gematria 73, and is equal in gematria to the word chesed (72), kindness.

Rabbeinu Bachye (Bereishis 23:2) writes that the word Chevron means chibur an attachment, as those who are buried in the Mearas Hamachpeila, their souls are connected above with the four camps of the Divine Presence. The Sefarim writes that the word Mearas also means to be attached, so it is appropriate that this cave was referred to as Mearas Hamachpeila , the attachment of those souls to the Divine Presence.

It is said (Bereishis 24:65) vatomer el haeved mi haish halazeh haba likraseinu, and she said to the servant, “Who is that man walking in the field toward us?” The word halazeh can be broken down as follows: the letters hay in the beginning and the end of the word equal in gematria 10, which alludes to Yitzchak, as Reb Tzadok HaKohen writes that whenever the Gemara states mipi hagevurah, from the mouth of the Almighty, this alludes to Yitzchak, and Yitzchak is associated with the giving of the Torah (the shofar blown at Sinai was the shofar from the ram that Avraham substituted for Yitzchak). The remaining letters lamed and zayin equal 37, and this alludes to the fact that Yitzchak was 37 years old when Avraham brought him up as an sacrifice.
It is said (Bereishis 18:7) hi haishah asher hochiach HaShem liven adoni, she shall be the woman whom HaShem has designated for my master’s son. The words liven adoni equal in gematria 147. This alludes to Yaakov, who lived 147 years, and in reality, he was also the son of Eliezer’s master, as Yitzchak was also the master of Eliezer, and Yaakov was the son of Yitzchak.

It is said (Bereishis 18:11) achoseinu at hayii lialfei rivavah, “our sister, may you come to be thousands and myriads.” The word rivavah (209) is equal in gematria to the name Yitzchak (208), and this alludes to the idea that Rivka would be marrying Yitzchak.

The Torah uses the word kad, pitcher, nine times regarding Rivka drawing water for Eliezer and his camels. This alludes to the idea that it is evident that Rivka was the chosen partner for Yitzchak, and the word emes in at bash is 9. Furthermore, the word kad equals in gematria 24, and this alludes to the idea that by performing acts of kindness with Eliezer, Rivka merited marrying Yitzchak and she was then adorned with the 24 ornaments mentioned in the Book of Yeshaya Chapter 3.

Ramazei DiOraysa: Hints in the Torah
Volume 1 Issue 5

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