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Ramazei DiOraysa: Hints in the Torah Volume 1 Issue 2

רמזי דאורייתא
Ramazei DiOraysa: Hints in the Torah
Volume 1 Issue 2

Noach in at bash is gematria 69, and yayin, wine, is gematria 70. Noach drank wine but was careless with his drinking. Yayin is gematria sod, secret, but Noach was one off from entering the sod of wine. (This is based on the Maharal who writes in Ner Mitzvah that heichal is in gematria 65 and Yavan, Greece, is gematria 66, and this teaches that Greece had one over the heichal.)

The teivah that Noach made was similar to the Aron, the Holy Ark, as the teivah only allowed in the animals that had remained faithful to their mates. Similarly, the Aron was used to test the women of Midian who had relations. It is noteworthy that it is said regarding the building of the teivah (Bereishis 6:14) vichafrta osah mibayis umichutz bakofer, and cover it inside and out with pitch. The cover of the Aron is called the kapores. Alternatively, the purpose of the teivah was to allow Noach to lead an insulated life for a year and when he exited he brought sacrifices, which are a kaparah, an atonement.

The Baal HaTurim writes that HaShem told Noach (Ibid verse 13) keitz kol basar ba lifanai, the end of all flesh has come before Me, and the word keitz is in gematria 190. This alludes to the idea that the Flood would be for 190 days, 40 of rain and 150 days that the water rose. It is noteworthy that it is said (Ibid verse 14) kinim taaseh es hateivah, make the Ark with compartments, and the word kinim (spelled without a yud) is also in gematria 190.

It is said (Ibid verse 16) tzohar taaseh lateivah, a window shall you make for the Ark. The first letters of the words spell the word tatzil, you shall save (without the yud) alluding to the idea that the teivah saved Noach and his family. Additionally, the last letters of those words spell the word hahar, the mountain, alluding to the idea that the Ark would come to rest on the mountains of Ararat and then Noach would open the window.

The Torah states that HaShem instructed Noach to make the teivah and then one hundred and twenty years later he entered the teivah. It would follow that the instruction to build the teivah occurred in Tishrei or shortly afterward. This is hinted to in the verse that states (Ibid verse 21) viatah kach lecho mikol maachal asher yeiacheil viasafta eilecho, and as for you, take yourself of every food that is eaten and gather it in to yourself. The word viasafta alludes to Sukkos, which is referred to in the Torah as chag haasif, the Festival of Ingathering. Additionally, the words mikol maachal asher yeiacheil allude to the idea that one should adorn his Sukkah with food items.

The name Terach, when scrambling the letters, can read rasach, anger. This alludes to the idea that Rashi writes (Ibid 11:32) that until Avraham came along, there was anger in the world.

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Volume 1 Issue 2
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