Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lech Lecho 5768: Where we come from

It is said (Bereishis 15:1) al tira Avram, do not fear Avram. The Medrash (Bereishis Rabbah 76:1) states that it only states “do not fear” regarding one who has what to fear. The Heilegeh Ishbitzer writes that when Avraham killed the kings, he became fearful. The reason for this fear was because the idea that one is more successful than his friend is because he has within him more service of HaShem and more good deeds. Yet, if the life of ones friend were to be nullified because of his actions, one would be afraid, as HaShem created the other person also and HaShem certainly has a need for the other person to exist.

For this reason Avraham was afraid when the kings were killed. HaShem therefore informed Avraham that he had no need to fear as the lives of the kings in contrast to the lives of the Jewish People were negligible. The reason for this is because the source of the Jewish People’s souls is from the Supreme Source and HaShem entered into a pact with Avraham and Avraham was shown his Source of existence.

This idea is very profound. We tend to fear others who are wealthier than ourselves and we also fear those who are stronger than us. With regard to other Jews, it is obvious that we are all hewn from the Same Source. Regarding our relationship with the gentiles, it would be foolish for us to envy them, as their existence is negligible in contrast to the souls of the Jewish People. Let us examine our ways and return to HaShem, the Source of our existence.

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