Monday, December 29, 2008

Chanukah poem

The Yevanim were able to penetrate
Our Holy Temple and its gate
13 breaches they did cause
In the soreg, one of the holy walls

The Chashmonaim decided then and there
To wage a war where it would be clear
That although the Greeks could physically fight
One does not win with human might

Lo vichayil vilo vichoach
Rather, with HaShem’s spirit, His ruach
Mi chcomocha baeilim was their battle cry
They called out mi laHaShem eilay

Few against many, weak against strong
Victory for the Jews did not take long
Matisyahu and his sons prevailed
The Greeks and the Hellenists truly failed

The greater miracle was in the lights
Which lasted not one but eight nights
Praise and thanks we offer to HaShem
Acknowledging forever His Great Name

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